Feedback Complaints

Feedback at The Leisure Company


The Leisure Company will listen to participants, their family members, and other community members to assist them to sort out any problems they have with the Service or its staff. Participants can make a complaint if they are not happy with something about the service they are receiving.


The Leisure Company places an emphasis on ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of their right to provide feedback or make a complaint about the service they receive at The Leisure Company and from other services in the community. This also involves ensuring that participants are aware of the avenues to provide feedback and complaints.


A commitment exists to ensure that feedback and complaints are addressed in a supportive and positive manner, with all complaints treated seriously without fear of recrimination or victimization and with the rights and dignity of the participant valued at all times.


The service is also committed to adjusting service practice to avoid further complaints of a similar nature.


If you have feedback you would like to provide to our organization, either download our feedback form below or complete the comment box. All feedback is followed up, and remains confidential.